Without Culture

Without our beliefs and values
What will we do?
Walk like wounded soldiers while giving new meanings to the blues...

Let Love Land

Louie loves Louise
Louise loathes Louie...

Appealing Associates

Arona and Anora appear alike
are admirably articulate achievers...

A Zillion Ways to Season Meat

Belief and value systems are indifferent
They're a reason why the world is colorful

Whose God is right or wrong...

Flapping Flavorsome Fish

Fabulous Faith forever forks frozen fish for feasts
Friendly fisherman Frank...


Everything happens for a reason
Ending on a bad note wasn't my intention
I offended you
People you knew were equally insulted
Like you, they didn't care about my story
Whether or not you started the fight, or triggered an unavoidable reply...

Raise Heaven

Don’t assume I know
Shake off the fused juice...

Precious Stone

Share secrets with self
Ship cargo purely within...

Nux Vomica

Life feeds off of life
Ass-kissing isn’t living...

Prowess for Life

Each morning they go to bed because they're awake and full of energy from what an old day takes
By late evening they rise because they're sleepy and they wear out what a new night brings
One day upon falling they tried to jump urgently to their stomping hands
They were almost lost to gravity
Some folks grabbed their arms and loosened them from the air
Since then, each hand is supported on the ground
The track will never see them again
They leave the land only when they travel
They stopped going swimming because they used to get a sense of being poured from the earth...

Fiery Hot Temple

Honesty without niceness is like smoke
It shits on the lungs...

Spanish Play

your letters are like magic
they clearly speak to me
in my hands they're like dancing the casino
or in the casino after a big win
insufficient time to eat chips
enough to cash them in...

Smoldered Clay on Water

Box me for the wind
Let my body become dust...


Doubts are not voiceless
Retorts come derisively...

No Pining for Confection

he's accustomed to making cents with poor
surviving in the desert is a paycheck...

Down the Alter

The older it gets
The moldier it becomes...

IX Rum Usual

This is a combined response to No God for Ireland! he cried., posted on http://www.thesawpit.typepad.com/ and No God for Jonathan, posted on http://www.bestwordsmith.blogspot.com/. Slightly modified.

"[A way] with God, I say!"

What would happen if I refer to God as She, Her or the One? I'll probably cause people to sin, again. I believe there is one God. This time, I will not make God out to be a being.

Sometimes people really do insist that God shouldn't be spoken of when they're having a good time because controversy rises and control may be lost. Is God just another fight for a group of persons to or try to dominate others? What rightness lie in pushing their ways on another?

Maybe, just maybe, God is here for each of us to have our way with, morally and peacefully. But, even so-called practicing believers act like a devil or 'show their true colors' when someone questions or doubts their ways with God. If we say we believe in unity, peace, love, why can't we iron out our differences and move on in like manner? Why do we dabble in shallow waters of contention and drown in an ocean of resentfulness, overthrow morality when we learn that somebody doesn't agree with us or share our spiritual beliefs?...

VIII Rum Usual en Español

Mi entusiasmo por español va a arriba y abajo
Es la primera cosa que hago y la última cosa que estoy una parte de
Yo estoy deseoso comenzar y rápido parar
Yo golpeo todo el tiempo altos y agarro todo el tiempo bajos
Yo busqué la educación básica y estoy avanzando por mi misma...

VIII Rum Usual

My enthusiasm for Spanish goes up and down
It's the first thing I do and the last thing I'm a part of
I'm eager to start and quick to stop
I hit all time highs and catch all time lows
I sought basic education and I'm advancing by myself...

VII Rum Usual

Inza hated me
She fed me through the shredder
She chewed me up and spat me out
She prodded me, badgered me, despised my weight
She was just another bitter oversized girl...

VI Rum Usual

Euphoric not speaking their language fluently
Don't want to hear them cowardly discuss me and my people
Don't want to bare my wrong side to theirs...

IV Rum Usual

A skinny woman struts her limbs on the beach
She sees a fat woman and makes fun of her
She sees an extremely dark-skinned, somewhat heavy woman and clowns about her
She eats like an elephant and looks like skeleton
She's probably bulimic
Turn her sideways
Her bikini top looks like pasties
Zoom in below her chest and above her knees
You'd wonder which side she sits on
She flips 'Baby Got Back'
Her bones protrude in every direction
I fear that her skin will break...

III Rum Usual

Can you believe this fellow
He says black people look like gorillas
Are not humans primates
Then again, he could very well be inhuman
An illusion, hurled before me by magic
Mimicking all the characteristics he thinks a human should have...

II Rum Usual

It's sad
Someone with a black sister says
All black people here are nasty
Of course I quizzically rebut
You mean in Hialeah hey
Not that I agree with lessening mankind of any kind
Bushwhack has me thinking
He speaks of his own nationality like this
What would he say about mine...

I Rum Usual

It's funny how you criticize people
The very set your complexion is closer to
You look abnormal
You're overweight
You're under height...

Earthly Affairs

Can someone explain how a two year old remembers being in and coming out of the hospital

Can someone explain how a five year old escapes the hands of a rapist

Can someone explain how a five and six year old see two of their grandfather sitting in two separate chairs on the eastern and western ends of the porch, return home in a panic and tell their mother something is wrong with 'daddy,' but to their mother's discovery she found him dead inside his bed

Can someone explain why a fully grown, crafty woman wants to hurt a seven year old child

Can someone explain why another fully grown, crafty woman wants to poison a twelve year old child

Can someone explain how a twelve year old has nightmares, pitches up out of it and sits in bed crying and an unfamiliar voice says in the middle of the night while everyone's asleep, "Do not be afraid, for I am with you;" and it feels as if a hand holds the child's head and back as if being placed to sleep and there is instant peace

Can someone explain how a thirteen year old says 'my first vehicle will be a bronze or gold Jeep' and it comes to reality over ten years later

Can someone explain how a fifteen year old dreams about an extremely attractive person who met imaginings outwardly and claims love, yet hard to shake from rejection, possessiveness, sadism and problems; the dream births three years later

Can someone explain how throughout a child's life voices are heard, names are called in the middle of an open field and the person standing by can also hear them...

Usain Bolt

Usain came across like a heat pack
Making temperature raise feet to prance like Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie
Lifting up and down so rapidly, enough to make the ground crack

A bolt of light filled the stadium's air
Knocking the wind out of Carl Lewis in record breaking time
Shaking screams out of everyone throughout the sphere...

Ice on the Wall

what peace is this that adorns the wall
of black
white cheerful smile
a language as clear as mine
wish it could jump in them
cushion the spirits' heads
be a blanket for the babes
would it have made a difference
if the spelling was
their own
confusion befriends my earlobes
uttering words I can stand
in tones I want to put under...

Sunset I Get

for Obediah Smith

This response to the poem "Sunrise I Seek" posted on http://www.bestwordsmith.blogspot.com/ addresses its contents combined with noticing or realizing how much the author seems to enjoy writing and/or metaphorically speaking about intimacy.

I've been wanting to get with you for more than 10 years
Even when I stepped on your floors
Breathed in your face
You didn't undress me, the "prize you seek"
In the comfort of your own place

You say you need me
I need you too
Will you ever be responsible for rubbing me down
Wrap my legs around you
Don't limit my learning to space
Polish me
I want to have an orgasm
Shouldn't a nicely covered bed always be my passage...

Rise Spoken Word, Destruction Falls

Whoever utters poetry is dead knows not what she speaks of Poetry is a tool that when used according to its creative purpose Spits balls of tastefully imaginative, agitating, real, inspiring thoughts that sets every emotion inside of you ablaze Whoever wants to see poetry live not yields to condemnation of her own tongue For no risen word comes against the bard, the scribe Destruction wreaks building blocks, enlightenment, greater wealth for construction Resulting in more poems, books, articles, journals, songs, albums, everything the mind can conceive...

Tribute to Abuela (Grandmother)

A source of strength to her household and more
A woman who stood up for her beliefs, preferences to adore

A giver, a farmer, a reaper, to all she was mother
Someone who tried desperately to keep the family together...

I'm Tired

Just when I thought you had done your dirty job, at least for quite some time You tug at my strings like a mad man Causing me to have severe headaches and sleepless weeks I would like you to refrain from causing me and the world pain...

Tribute to Gerrard

We knew that you and your brother were steps apart
We didn’t know that death, so closely, would capture yours and his heart

We’re burdened, but we trust that you want us to carry on
We’re saddened that another good man has left the world so soon...